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"I healed more in three months than in the past ten years."

"The right tests showed the problem wasn't in my head."


What is Pharmaceutical therapy?
Pharmaceuticals are medications used to treat disease. They work sometimes through suppression of symptoms, but also through other mechanisms as well.

Do Naturopathic Physicians prescribe drugs?
Although our philosophy is to avoid suppressing symptoms, and help the body heal itself with other approaches; at times drug treatments are necessary. Our doctors always want you to use best treatment for you, and in consideration of your abilities. Sometimes this might be a diet change, a breathing exercise, an herbal medicine, or even a drug. Our job is to inform you about options, the risk and benefits of each, so you can make an good choice about your treatments.

How will I know when Pharmaceutical therapy is right for me?
Simple, a thorough evaluation with one of our doctors will reveal your options. We'll talk about them with you, and help you with whatever treatment you choose. Our doctors have the unique ability to not just prescribe pharmaceuticals, but also help you find alternatives to them.

What are some examples of conditions that might require pharmaceutical (drug) treatment?
Infections, high blood pressure, heart problems, thyroid disorders, or other hormone problems are just a few examples. That said, often we are able to find alternatives to drug therapies for you.

How can I find out if I can benefit from Pharmaceuticals or I can instead use an alternative to drugs?
Call our office at 360-651-9355, and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. We're here to help!

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