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What is minor surgery and office procedures?
Minor surgery and office procedures are services that are offered in the primary doctor's office which include treatment for moles, skin tags, warts, and/ or sampling tissues for the purposes of diagnosis. Minor office procedures may also include injections of nutrients, immunizations, or standard medications.

What types of procedures do the Northwest Center doctors perform?
At our clinic, we perform may different procedures. The following are a few examples:

Excision: Performed with a small scalpel blade in order to remove benign skin lesions such as seborrheic keratoses, angiomas, and skin tags. Sometimes this procedure requires a small amount of local numbing medicine.

Incision and Drainage: Performed with a small scalpel blade in order to drain fluid from cysts, or infections that need drainage to allow healing.

Cryotherapy: This treatment involves freezing that is quick and painless. It is usually performed for warts or other non-cancerous skin growths.

IV nutrition: This is administration of nutrients through the venous system in order to load the body with a higher doses necessary to improve health. For more info on Vitamin Injections see this link: Vitamin Inections

Hyfurcation: A type of low dose electrical stimulation that can be used to eradicate blood flow to an area, performed for venous spider veins and unwanted angiomas, and to effect clotting during surgery.

Punch/shave biopsy: Performed with a small tool indicated for getting a sample of a skin lesion of uncertain behavior.

IUD insertion/removal: Inserting or removing a contraceptive device intravaginally, for the purposes of preventing pregnancy, or resuming fertility.

How do I go about scheduling an appointment for a minor office procedure or minor surgery? Before you can undergo a minor office procedure or minor surgery, a consultation with one of our doctors is required. Call our office today to schedule your appointment with one of our doctors by calling: 360-651-9355.

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