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Urinalysis & Standard Blood Testing

What is a urinalysis and standard blood testing?
Just like it sounds, a urinalysis is an analysis of a urine sample to screen for white blood cells, whole blood, proteins, and sugar that may be an indication of disease or infection. Standard blood testing is taking a sample of blood from the body to perform further testing and analysis.

Where is the testing performed?
Here in our clinic, we have the ability to run a urinalysis and get the results back in the same day. We are also able to draw blood during the same appointment to prevent the patient from having to go elsewhere.

Labs we can do “in-house”, meaning within our clinic: includes urine testing, cholesterol and blood sugar testing.

Other labs that we can draw blood for but can’t do in office, we will send them to another outside lab. Information can be obtained through a specific lab or combination of laboratory test for basically any health condition. Lab tests give the physician more of an understanding into how far the disease is progressing, or which condition to diagnose the patient with.

Examples of health conditions which may require labs include, anemia, thyroid function, infection, liver/pancreatic/gall bladder function, autoimmune, arthritis, genetic conditions, STI testing, celiac disease, or food intolerance testing just to name a few.

We can also blood test for deficiencies of certain nutrients and minerals, as well as specific viruses that may be impacting the health of a patient.

How do I know which labs I need tested?
That question can be answered with a thorough evaluation of symptoms by one of our Naturopathic Physicians, make an appointment today by calling 360-651-9355.

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