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What is Microscopy?
Microscopy is using a microscope to view live cells or specimens at a very magnified level. Microscopy is best used in our office to identify infections either on the skin, from the vaginal tissue, or in the urine. Naturopathic Physicians are specially trained in being able to view an overpopulated number of cells, or abnormal cells that should not be in the body.

What kind of things can be identified with microscopy?
Things that are identifiable by a microscope include infections by bacteria, yeast overgrowth, some STIís, skin infections, vaginal atrophy, urine crystals or urine infections.

What symptoms may I have that would indicate a microscopy exam?
Symptoms may include, fever, pain with urination, vaginal discharge, low back pain, or a skin rash of uncertain behavior.

What is Culture analysis?
Culture analysis is taking a specimen from an area with a presumed infection and letting it grow on petri dishes to then find out which type of bacterial strand or fungus it happens to be. This is useful for practitioners for the ability to prescribe the correct and specific treatment. It is also useful for strands of rare species of bacteria or fungi that may be resistant to the most common treatment therapy. Cultures of specimens can be obtained from the nose or throat area for a respiratory infection, or the vagina or urine sample for a urinary infection.

How can I find out if a microscopy or culture would be right for me?
Call for an appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors, 360-651-9355.

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