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What is Chelation and Heavy Metal Detoxification?
Chelation, pronounced (key-LAY-shun) therapy is commonly used to treat heavy metals in the body, such as mercury toxicity.
It involves the use of medications like EDTA or DMPS, which are agents that bind metals so they can be readily removed by the urinary system. Sometimes these agents are injected, taken orally, or used in suppository (rectal) form. Chelation also includes the use of nutrition, diet, and other practices to encourage the body to eliminate metals.

How do I know if I have heavy metal toxicity?
Talk to one of our doctors. A proper history, examination, and testing can help identify toxicity. Heavy metals in the body can be tested by blood, urine, or hair. We can help determine which method of testing might be best for you.

What conditions may be related to heavy metal toxicity?
The following conditions may be signs of heavy metal toxicity, especially if there is a history of toxic metal exposure.

-Cancer (certain types)
-Chronic fatigue
-Frequent skin rashes
-Hypertenstion (High Blood Pressure)
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Cognitive or other nervous system decline
-Brain fog or decreased mental clarity
-Chronic musculoskeletal pain

How do I find out if Chelation and Heavy Metal Detoxification is right for me?
Simple. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors regarding the problems you think may be related, and they can help you figure it out. We're here to help. (360) 651 9355.

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