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What is a Women’s Care Visit at the Northwest Center?
Our Women’s Care Visit begins with a thorough questionnaire of current symptoms or any new changes in your health history. We then will perform a complete “ Head to Toe" physical exam, checking each body system. This includes a yearly breast exam to screen for any masses, discharge, or abnormal tenderness and, if needed, given your age & risk factors, a full pelvic exam to check for potential problems. Finally, our doctors will talk to you about how to stay healthy. This could include lifestyle, dietary and natural medicine suggestions. It is important to have your yearly women’s care visit to catch things that might need more attention, and learn more about how to achieve Optimal Health.

What types of tests do your doctors perform in a Women’s Care Visit?
In addition to the extensive physical exam you will receive, urine & blood tests may be ordered. These tests screen for your risks for chronic diseases like Diabetes & High Cholesterol & possible immediate health concerns like anemia, infection or thyroid problems. The pelvic exam includes a PAP smear & HPV test to screen for cervical cancer. Our doctors are extremely thorough in your physical screening, prevention, and health promotion.

Who should have a Woman’s Care Visit?
All women ages 18 and older need an annual physical exam. PAP smears begin at age 21 or two years within becoming sexually active, the frequency depends on your age and risk factors.

Are there special considerations my doctor should think about during my women’s exam?
Health considerations include your personal risk and family history for uterine, breast, and ovarian cancers. Other testing that can be included in the Women’s exam is screening for sexually transmitted infections and pelvic inflammatory disease. We are also able to address a woman’s need for birth control. We have the ability to prescribe oral contraceptive pills, education on other options such as barrier methods, and remove/place IUD’s. We also order mammography when appropriate.

How can I schedule a women’s exam with a Northwest Center doctor?
If you would like to understand your preventative health needs as a woman, please contact us for an appointment at (360) 651 9355.

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